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Gluten Free Lemon
Part ID: 3.2OZ Cookies:NG:19 Lemon
Price: $28.00


Nana’s most popular gluten free cookie, our lemon cookie combines tangy lemon natural fruit juice that will guaranteed make this a refreshing favorite. Nana’s Lemon cookie offers a sweet desert victory for those living with food allergies. It’s a perfect snack for those enjoying a gluten free lifestyle as well. As always, each cookie is individually wrapped to prevent cross contamination and both Nana’s facility and products have been certified “gluten free” by the Gluten Intolerance Group.
Each case contains 12 3.2 oz cookies for $28.00
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Each of Nana's gluten free cookies is baked in our certified gluten free facility
Certified Gluten Free
Are you on a gluten free diet? If so, Nana's Cookie Company has your back! Being on a gluten free diet means that you're day-to-day diet will be free of oats, wheat, rye, barley, or malt flavorings. Individuals who are on a gluten free diet and follow those restrictions often experience relief of symptoms like intestinal discomfort, diarrhea, overwhelming fatigue, and muscle cramps.
There are numerous products on that market that are now gluten free, and major retailers have even begun making an isle or special section for gluten free foods. While all of these foods may be free of gluten, wheat, oats and similar products, make sure you're looking at what these products are made with, including cane syrup (sugar) and many other potential ingredients that may cause food allergens.
Watch Miriam "Nana" Diamond on CNBC-TV talking about Nana's Vegan Cookies and some of the products that DO NOT go into each and every cookie baked at Nana's facility in San Diego, California.
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