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Nana's Keto Lemon Walnut Cookies
Part ID: Keto Cookies: 101 Lemon Walnut
Price: $89.99 (case)


LEMON WALNUT COOKIES: Tangy lemon and hearty walnuts in a keto friendly treat is a light and tasty delight that satisfies your sweet tooth without the added junk or guilt.

KETO COOKIES: Zesty lemon and crunchy walnut sweetness will make this a refreshing favorite. It's a delicious treat that is grain-free, gluten-free, and tastes like a sunny day.

COOKIE FACTS AT A GLANCE: Made with carefully selected, plant-based ingredients, 2 net carbs, 5g protein per serving, gluten-free, grain-free, no preservatives, and best of all, Keto Diet friendly.

SWEET TREATS: Everyone deserves a sweet treat whether they follow a no gluten or keto diet or simply want to make smart snack choices. Our cookies are a delicious indulgence without the added junk.

REAL FOOD COOKIES: Nana’s cookies have a wonderful texture that is perfect for dunking. You know you’re biting into something deliciously made with real ingredients, never any filler.

Available in a shareable bag, you can share with your friends or family or keep them all to yourself - we won’t blame you and Nana says it’s okay!

Each Case Contains: 6 7 oz. bags for $89.99 which includes free shipping.
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