"Hey there to the folks at Nana’s! As with most vegans, I am quite particular with what I will eat. I avoid processed sugar like the plague. So I was thrilled when someone next to me in line at my local organic grocery store recommended your yummy cookies. They are so good that they’re almost naughty. . ."
- A.J, Indian Trail, NC
"I don't know where to start but I'm in HEAVEN with your cookies. I'm currently munching on your sunflower variety and after a year of abstaining from refined sugar, I thought my life was over regarding such taste sensations. These cookies of yours are out-of-this-world. Please keep up the great work!"
- A.M
"As a Registered Dietitian who has gluten intolerance, I am both thankful and impressed at the delicous taste and incredible quality of Nana's cookies. They are the only brand I suggest to my clients. I am assured they will never be disappointed because Nana's products are superior to any on the market. They would win the taste test challenge in any contest.

Good for you Nana's chefs. You are the best at your craft."
- A.V. La Mesa, CA
"…Since I discovered these fabulous cookies, I don’t think I can live without them!!! … Thank you very much!"
- B.M.
"These are the best cookies I've ever eaten. They are not too sweet, and I absolutely love them. I plan to tell all my friends about them!!!"
- C.W
"I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your cookies. I personally really like the sunflower oatmeal the best. The flavor is so rich yet they are so good for you. I just want to tell you that these are my favorite cookies and to keep the good work up!!"
- D.L.
"I just have to say that I love your Brownie Mint and Double Chocolate cookies. (I’m eating one right now.) I’m a triathlete and consume huge quantities, but I want it to be healthy stuff. These are a perfect snack/dessert!"
- D.L. , San Diego, CA
"I picked up your wheat free chocolate chip cookie and your mint brownie at Jimbo’s last week. I expected to bite into another dry, sawdust tasting cookie, was I surprised. Yummmmie! I have a wheat and potato allergy. Most wheat free products use potato flour. Thank you for yummie cookies and allowing me to enjoy one of the wonderful things in life … cookies and milk."
- D.M.
"Thank you for the delicious, animal free cookies! To all the people who think vegan don't eat flavorful food, I say "In Your Face! Eat Nana's!"
- D.P.
"We love Nana’s cookies and would love to refer our patients to Whole Foods to buy them."
- David W. Grotto, PD, LD
Director, Nutrition Education
Block Center for Integrative Cancer Care
Evanston, Illinois
"I need to let you know that the Coconut Chip cookie is my favorite cookie in the world!!"
- E.A.
"Thanks for the cookies—they’re my favorite!! I’m addicted!!"
- Gene
"Good Afternoon! I just finished having an Oatmeal Raisin cookie, and yesterday, I had the Lemon cookie. Besides the fact that they are free of so many things, especially wheat, I appreciate the fact that your cookies are nice and thick! Extremely tasty, and very welcome to a person who is diabetic as well as beset with food allergies. Keep the cookies coming"
- Hillari Hunter
"To the Creator(s) of Nana’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookie: I do not write to celebrities, CEOs, Congressmen, and not nearly enough to my friends—but I must write you to say: Congratulations for having created the most delicious cookie of any sort—high-fat or low-fat, nutritious or non-nutritious, packaged or homemade—that I have ever eaten in my life (and I have eaten a few). I don’t know how you did it with such simple, healthy ingredients. But never mind how—just keep making those cookies."
- J.A.Teaneck, NJ
"Thank you for a wonderful line of cookies that are delicious and good for you! God Bless You!"
- J.B.
"Your double chocolate cookie is UNBELIEVABLE...the absolute best cookie I have ever had. I am not a big cookie lover-usually I think cookies are too sweet or just not moist enough. But this cookie just rocks. My husband is a cookie lover and he thinks this one is the best too. I've never written to a company just to rave, but that's the only reason I'm writing to you...The no-wheat choc chip is mighty fine too. You should make muffins...you'd be good at it. All the best to you and THANK YOU for making the world a more delicious place."
- K.J.
"I’m writing to congratulate you on making a great tasting cookie that’s healthy, too. I’m a healthy cook too and am writing a cookbook. I have yet to come up with a healthy cookie recipe that tastes as good as an unhealthy one. Good Job!"
- K.T.
"Dear Nana’s Cookie Company, I have been wanting to drop you a note to thank you for your NO SUGAR cookies! I have been off refined sugars since 1988 and finding a cookie my body can tolerate has been a major task. . . . Now that I’m teaching in Los Angeles, I have needed a cookie to satisfy that occasional sweet tooth. I have purchased several from Wild Oats in Pasadena and your brand is THE BEST! I love them and my body tolerates them perfectly. So, hats off to Nana’s cookies! You have a loyal customer. Many Thanks!"
- L.A., Pasadena, CA
"I had one of your no wheat oatmeal raisin cookies and thought they were the best wheat-free cookies that I have had. I also have allergies to eggs and dairy as well as wheat so these products fit the bill!"
- L.V.
"Yummy Cookies. Great taste! Thanks"
- M.F.
"Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I tried your “No Sugar” cookies yesterday and they are so “wonderful!” It’s great that you made such a good tasting cookie without all of the bad stuff that so many cookie companies use! Thank you very much. A happy and returning customer!"
- M.F.
"I'm not much of a cookie eater these days because I'm not supposed to eat wheat. I've tried other wheat free cookies but they just don't hit the spot. I found you Wheat Free Oatmeal Raisin Cookie at my local natural store, and thought I would give it a try. I read off what the packaging said to one of my friends, "Wheat Free, No Egg, No Dairy, No Refined Sugar" and he basically said it will probably be bad. I agreed, but said I would give it a try. I took one bite, and was amazed at the flavor. So, I took another bite and then realized that this was an amazingly great tasting cookie. I then had to make a cup of tea, because it sounded good with this cookie. Wow, that was the best tasting wheat free cookie I've ever tasted. I will definitely continue to buy this cookie!!! Thank you!!!"
- M.G.Tualatin, Oregon
"Hi I bought your cookies, and they are fabulous. I have sugar problems, so you have the solutions. Do you make pies??"
- M.M.
"I am just writing to let you know how wonderful your cookies are! … I have been ordering them by the case, since they make such a great “take-along” snack. … Thanks a lot, and keep up the great work!"
- M.W.. Charlotte, NC
"…your cookies are OUTRAGEOUS. I actually sent them to my sister as a gift and she called yesterday to say that she and her family had eaten them all within 3 days!!! I promised to send her one more batch and then she’s on her own. I know both she and I will be loyal and frequent customers. Thanks for making such a delicious and healthy-for-you snack! ! !"
- N.S.
"Hi Nana's, My dad and I each ate our first Nana's Orange Cream Cookie today that we bought at our local Keaau Natural Foods store. I am still smelling inside the empty wrapper. Mahalo from Hawaii!!"
- R. R. from Keaau, HI
"Finding a healthy & delicious gluten free cookie is hard. I hit the jackpot when I found your products! I'm gluten and dairy free and I've never tasted a better cookie then Nana's! Thanks so much!!!"
- S.D. from Rhode Island
"I have suffered for 14 years with a horrible stomach disease. I have had multiple surgeries and been in the hospital countless times. My husband and I recently researched gluten free and the benefits with my disease and figured it was worth a shot. I am so happy to say that I am in remission because of it and most of all because of your products! Your products give people like me what we need to survive! I really appreciate all that you do and my family will be lifetime consumers. Thank you!!"
- S.J. from Reno, NV.
"Dear Nana, Hi! I’ve been meaning to write for some time! Your cookies are WONDERFUL! I have to eat them once a day!! I have hypoglycemia - - and this is a real treat! … Your cookies are the best!!"
- S.R., San Diego, CA
"Yippeeeeeeeee. . . . . . . . what an outrageous NO WHEAT, NO [refined] SUGAR, NO DAIRY cookie!!!! I can't believe I have found a cookie better than any other cookie I have Ever eaten. This year I was told I "MUST" address my food allergies wheat, dairy and sugar--the list is long. I thought I was down to twigs and berries for life. . . . . .. . THANK YOU NANA you make the best!!!"
- S.W.
"Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your cookies are. I have been trying different cookies that do not have refined sugar. I'm so glad to have found yours, there is no need to look any further. My favorite is the chocolate chip. It's sad to know I can only have 1/2 of the cookie at one setting. But this is better then none. I have been looking for a good cookie recipe without sugar and I'm still looking. If you every decide to publish yours I will be using it. I also will be letting people I know who have food allergies about you products. Thanks again for you services to others. May God continue to bless your efforts."
- Shelly
"Just wanted you to know that you also have sports fans too. Charlie Ward (former Heisman Trophy winner, College Football Hall of Famer, retired NBA player, and basketball coach) is a BIG fan of your cookies. He was one of the few health conscious NBA players. Whenever he was on the road with the team he always looked for your cookies at the nearest Whole Foods or Wild Oats, etc. as his dessert treat. He still helps NBA guys and other friends who are trying to live healthier lives. The school where he will begin coaching this fall has cookie day and he plans to introduce your cookies to the kids as we try to transform the school into a sugar free environment! Charlie is my husband and I am a big fan as well. I work as a nutritional consultant and when I switch clients to a low sugar plan your cookies always give them a glimmer of hope that they can survive! THANK YOU!
- Tonja Ward
"Dear Janet, I received the box of cookies and bars you sent. Thanks! You were correct--the Lemon Cookie was delicious. Our buyer is bringing them into our store this week. Thanks again for letting me sample these items. Best of luck to you and your company!"
- Troy Stack-Nelson
Shift Leader, Whole Foods Market, Princeton NJ
"Wow! Your double chocolate cookies are amazing! Orgasmic even! Vegans rejoice!"
- W.M.W.
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