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Come on, Ladies!
Come on, Ladies!
March 1st, 2013

There are a great many health concerns these days, many of which we cannot even pronounce let alone understand. Different sources list different diseases that happens to be the “#1 killer”. Millions of people are affected by the same disease and react to it differently.

Instead of naming the Top Five killers, we have five medical conditions that affect millions of women around the world; breast cancer, depression, osteoporosis, autoimmune disorders, and heart disease. So take notes and do your best to stay healthy!

First up we have breast cancer, which is the most common cancer in women and only second to lung cancer as the leading cause of death in females. No longer a “death sentence” in women, Diane Helentjaris, MD, and past president of the American Medical Women’s Association says, “there’s a lot of treatment for breast cancer”.

According to the American Cancer Society, these are some risk factors for this particular disease: increasing age, genes, family history, personal history, race (white women have a slightly greater risk), not having children, certain medication use, obesity, too much alcohol, etc.

As with most diseases, eating healthy, exercising, and speaking with medical experts are the best ways to reduce risks and stay healthy.

Depression. It affects females more than males, double the number actually. PhD psychologist and author Dorree Lynn says that women need connections with others in their lives and without it, “they tend to get depressed”.

Risk factors include hormonal changes, previous episodes, family history, heart problems, serious chronic illness, marital problems, substance abuse, stressful life events such as death, abuse, anxiety disorders, etc. The best thing to do to keep from depression is to have a reason to wake up and get out of bed in the morning.

Largely preventable and 68% of the 44 million Americans affected are women, osteoporosis can be held at bay by adequate calcium intake and physical activity. Bodies continue to build and develop new bone mass until around the age of 30. At that point, the body maintains the old bone.

Risk factors: being female, increasing age, thin frame, ethnicity (white and Asian women have the highest risk), family history, sex hormones, anorexia, low calcium and vitamin D diet, certain medication usage, inactive lifestyle, etc.

Autoimmune disorders attack the body and either destroys or alters tissue. More than 80 chronic diseases, it is a group of serious illnesses that includes lupus, type 1 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. About 75% of these diseases occur in women, according to the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association.

Not much is understood as to why these diseases suddenly occur, but many theories include genetic, hormonal, and environmental factors. Many of the symptoms are nonspecific so they are often misdiagnosed. People have seen multiple doctors and experts agree that if you feel that something is truly wrong, to keep searching for a doctor that will take you seriously.

It’s the leading killer of both women and men and just the mention of it sends most people into irregular palpitations. Heart disease is responsible for about 29% of the deaths of women, and the real problem is that it occurs at such young ages. Women tend to be under diagnosed and often live for years unable to properly get around because it impairs them so vastly.

Risk factors include increasing age, family history, smoking, high blood pressure and/or cholesterol, lack of physical activity, obesity, diabetes, etc.

There are so many diseases that we must watch out for and attempt to prevent but most can be curbed by healthy eating and regular physical activity. Here at Nana’s, we only put good things into our cookies and leave out what you shouldn’t have, such as cholesterol, trans fats, and refined sugars.

Until March 12th, 2013 get our Gluten Free Berry Vanilla Cookie Bars and Apple & Oats Cookie Bars for 25% percent on our website by using the promo code “springclean”. We love being a part of your healthy routine and thank you!

So grab a cookie when you’re done with your run and enjoy the fact that you will be able to be around the next day!

References: www.webmd.com
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