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Gentlemen, your health is important, too!
Gentlemen, your health is important, too!
April 2, 2013

Last month we wrote about some of the top health issue’s affecting women and we want to make sure that we pay equal attention to our counterparts. Many men do not take the time to stay healthy as they age and we would like to impress upon you the important fact that you are not, or will not always be, 21 and cannot eat pizza every night of the week and expect to be in peak health as you cross into the middle-age realm.

Men tend to think that they are healthy if they are still productive and live up to the roles that society has pressed on them. They do not go do the doctor as often as women and tend to have a serious diagnosis when they do. Many health issues that affect women also are on the list of top health concerns for men, such as heart disease and depression. In fact, men lead in the number of deaths above women in every leading cause of death except Alzheimer’s disease and that is mostly because many men do not develop the disease as they do not live long enough. In the U.S., more males are born than females however women still outlive their husbands by about five years.

The leading hazard to men’s health is atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries in the heart. In cardiovascular disease, the arteries become obstructed by a cholesterol blockage and blood clots tend to form. This leads to strokes and/or heart attacks. According to Darwin Labarthe, MD, MPH, PhD, and a director at the CDC of the Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention division, one in five men and women will die from heart disease.

Unsure as to why, men develop atherosclerosis earlier than women and the average death for men from this disease is under 65. The best way to help keep tabs on this is to get your cholesterol checked every five years, beginning at age 25, exercise more, eat healthier, control your blood pressure, and stop smoking.

Speaking of smoking, lung cancer is still a huge threat to men. It is aggressive, spreads early, and less than half of the men that have this are alive a year later. Often it grows and spreads before it is large enough to see on an X-ray or before symptoms begin to appear, which make it all the more lethal.

STOP SMOKING! Tobacco is responsible for 90% of lung cancer patients. And although less people are dying, it is still the number one cancer that kills men and that number is enough to fill the Superdome every year.

The other cancer that is a leading threat to men is prostate cancer. The prostate is the size of a walnut and as men age, this gland gives many men problems. In men, it is the most common cancer behind skin cancer and almost 200,000 males in the U.S. will develop it this year alone. Out of all the men that will have it, only one in 35 will die from it, though one in six will have it, and that is mostly because it grows and spreads slowly, usually. The best bet is to see your doctor regularly.

Many times without symptoms, diabetes develops quietly until suddenly, years later, when urination and thirst is frequent, blood sugar levels have become very high. If diabetes goes unchecked, kidney failure, heart attacks, strokes, blindness, and amputations can occur. Males have a one in three chance of developing this disease at some point in their lives. The best chance to prevent it is exercise and a healthy diet, which men who are overweight that exercise 30 minutes per day reduced their chance by more than 50% of getting type 2 diabetes.

Depression is a serious disease and not to be treated lightly. Where women often get sad and cry a lot, men tend to get more angry and aggressive when they are depressed. Males are not as open when combating depression and thoughts of suicide and tend to drink a lot instead of talking about it. And kept bottled up, men then tend to try suicide and are more successful than women. Young men are more prone to suicide and it’s the eighth leading cause of death of men. As always, consult your doctor or someone you trust if you think that you are depressed.

Of course, there are many causes of death and many can be reduced by simply living a healthier, more active lifestyle and making sure that you take time for the important and fun aspects of life- like family, friends, and vacations.

Here at Nana's, we want to help keep everyone healthy which is why we do not put cholesterol, dairy, eggs, or trans fats in any of our products! We want the best for you and to help you get that, we are offering our No Gluten Chocolate Crunch Cookie and No Wheat Oatmeal Raisin Cookie for 25% off until April 13th. Just use the code "healthy4all" when you order on Nana's website.

So rip open that cookie and enjoy something that is both good and good for you!
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