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It’s that time of year again.
April 15th, 2013

The sneezing, the coughing, the headaches, the constant irritation of seasonal allergies makes thousands of people miserable year after year. For some people they breed migraines and others it’s merely a minor daily occurrence. No matter what your level of sinus problems, there are many places in your home although often overlooked, are a source of allergens.

Do you have a green thumb and like to have many plants indoors? Whether you enjoy gardening or just have a couple for decoration, mold spores can grow in the pots and can then spread to the areas around it. Make sure that you remove dead leaves and do not over-water. It’s important to use something like a plastic saucer to put underneath.

Especially if you have pets, carpets and rugs are a major hotspot. They accumulate pet dander-which are dead skin cells that become airborne- and dust mites. To help reduce the problems they cause, remove the carpeting, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter and keep the humidity in your house low.

Although there is nothing like the written word, books can have many different allergens living in their pages, such as mold spores, tiny dust mites, and booklice, which are not real lice although they resemble them. They feed only on fungi or mold and while they do not bite, they can invest food as well and love moist areas. You can vacuum the books or store them in a closed container.

Your pets themselves are a breeding ground for allergens, and not just related to their fur. Certain proteins that are in saliva, dander, and urine cause many people problems. If you have animals, make sure you vacuum very often and wash your hands after petting them.

Dust mites tend to be attracted to dead skin cells, so your bedding is like a playground for them. You should put casings on your pillows, box spring and mattress to help protect them against the mites. Also, wash your sheets and pillow cases in hot water frequently.

Maybe your kids (or maybe even you!) have that favorite stuffed animal that they just cannot live without. Well, if so, just make sure that they are machine washable and give them a nice, hot bath once a week and have them dry properly. They are dragged everywhere and are covered in everything. To help keep your kids healthy, keep the teddy bear clean!

Along with stuffed toys, your incredibly comfortable and favorite sofa can also be covered in dust mites. Your furniture should be vacuumed regularly and if there is a lot of moisture in the air where they are kept, it is best to have a dehumidifier. Or you can trade your plush for leather or vinyl. They can lessen allergies.

Although for some people summers cannot be lived without an air conditioner, mold and fungus can grow in the vents and thus circulating the allergens throughout your home. Clean the filter often and change it when needed.

Lastly, two rooms in your home in particular are simply crawling with allergens- the kitchen and the bathroom. Mold LOVES these two rooms and grows all over. Clean your refrigerator drip pan, if it has one, and throw away old food. Cover trash cans and keep everything clean, especially if you live in a place with cockroaches, which can trigger allergies. In the bathroom, scrub your shower/tub often as mold likes to grow in warm, wet places. So fix that leaky faucet and keep your shower dry and clean.

Although some allergens you have no control over and they hit like a hammer when outdoors, these small things within your home that you CAN control may help a little, and sometimes a little is all it takes. Helping to keep your allergies under control is important for your health and quality of life. Here at Nana’s, we want to help with both, and we give you products that do not contain many ingredients that people are allergic to, like gluten, sugar, wheat, and dairy.

So until April 27th, get our Gluten Free Lemon Cookies and No Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies for 25% off when you use the promo code “allergies25”. Go and enjoy your life this spring!

References: www.webmd.com
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