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Stave that holiday bulge!
December 15, 2012

Is it even possible to stay away from those wonderful, holiday smells wafting from the kitchen over the holidays? Do you think that you can control yourself during all those holiday parties? Chances are slim, very slim. No matter how much self-control one has, you WILL eat all that unhealthy food. But we have a few strategies that may help to not pack on that extra 5-10 pounds.

1. Eat 4 to 6 smaller meals instead of "saving yourself" for that one big feast. Eating more frequently will keep up your metabolism and you will not be as hungry throughout the day, keeping better chances to not continuously grab for those treats. Drink a lot of water before larger meals to keep your stomach fuller so you eat less.

2. Do a workout before the big meal. Burn those calories, drink lots of water, and use those foods as a reward from a long run or difficult workout. Your metabolism will be higher after the workout to help you keep burning those calories!

3. Eat slowly. It takes about 20 minutes or more to even know that you are full. So before you get that second (or third) helping of everything, wait 10 minutes and you most likely will not need it.

4. Science has proved that the first bites always taste the best, and as you get full, the 'pleasure' sensor decreases. Instead of taking of full helping of every dessert, take only a bite or two and you will still receive the same amount of 'pleasure'.

5. Many holiday foods are nutritionally dense and packed with vital nutrients. Take advantage of those: pumpkin- lots of beta-carotene and iron. Cranberries- helps fight against cancer and heart disease. Sweet potatoes- beta-carotene and vitamins C and E. Chestnuts- contains less than one gram of fat per ounce and has lots of fiber, vitamin C and folic acid.

6. Be the person that brings the healthy dish to the party and you can make sure that it is full of vitamins, minerals, and low in fat. Make a great dish that you don't have to feel guilty about eating!

7. Be mindful about the liquid calories. Drink alcohol in moderation and never when you will be driving.
8. Do not hang out near the food tables when socializing. That is when the calories really add up!

There are many ways to keep off the pounds this season without sacrificing, so be aware of yourself and your scale will not go up after the new year. As always, here at Nana's, we do not have hydrogenated oils, dairy, eggs, nor corn products in our cookies.

And now until December 25th, get 25% off of Apple & Oats Cookie Bars and Gluten Free Fudge Bites by using the promo code 'holidays'.

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